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Kaimira Brightside Pinot Noir Generic

Kaimira Estate

The French oak has given structure and flavours of dark chocolate and mocha. This is a ripe, fruity Pinot Noir which is very approachable as a young wine but also has the structure and potential for some ageing.


Typical Tasting Notes
Nose has complex layers with plenty of ripe fruit in the berry/cherry and red plum spectrum, plus toasty French oak and a dash of vanilla. The mid-weight palate shows a good concentration of sweet juicy berryfruit and plenty of ripe cherries.

Typical Winemaking notes:
The fruit for this wine was sourced from two of our organic certified vineyards in Brightwater. All grapes were hand harvested on 29 March 2014 at 23.8° Brix.

In the winery, fruit was completely destemmed with minimal crushing then fermented with cultured yeasts and hand plunged for the duration. Total time on skins was 22 days.

Once pressed off skins, the wine was matured for 12 months in seasoned French oak, and MLF took place at this time. The wine was filtered and bottled in December 2015. No finings were used.